10 Things You Should Never Do If You Want To Stop Feeling Crappy


1. Never lecture your kids the way your parents did you.

What was it parents always used to say? “If your friend told you to jump off a bridge, would you do that too?” You are smart and capable, do your research and decide for yourself. Trust that you know what is best for you, even if it means you take a risk sometimes. Never not do something just because Aunt Harriet, your brother Norm, or even your Dad think it’s a bad idea.

2. Never hide in the bathroom at social functions you have to attend.

It’s challenging to hang with people who know more, have more, or are being more. News flash, there will always be someone like that, someone you have decided is “more” than you think you are, and who you find intimidating. By making yourself small, you give your power away and with it, some of your self-confidence. No matter what you bring to the table, it is always enough. Be loud and proud about your authentic self. Never make yourself look small to hide from scary people or fearful circumstances.

3. Never stop dreaming because you think that Freddie Kruger lives under your bed.

He doesn’t. It was only a movie. But don’t keep your dreams to just sleep time. Dreams are the things that thrill you and keep your heart warm so keep them real. Even at one small baby step at a time and changing it up along the way, you can still make them happen. Some would say that the journey itself is the best goal eva so what’s wrong with enjoying it? Never give up on your dreams because you think they may never happen, Freddie or no Freddie.

4. Never avoid acting like ET.

There is no shame in reaching out. ET did it with one finger and look how that turned out. Humans are made for connection and love. Chances are the people in our lives want to support you as much as you want support. Just ask. Never think you can’t ask for help to reach your desired outcomes.

5. Never read Cosmo (or any other model-filled mag) before you have sex.

Magazines want to sell and if your story is about not being good enough, their sexy, gorgeous models will hit you right where it hurts. You are good enough. Every part of you, especially where you are today, is good enough. Whether you have a special guy or girl in your life, you are good enough. If you are overweight, or can’t get your shit together, you are still good enough. Never stay with the thought that you’re not good enough.

6. Never jump in front of a bus for someone else. Figuratively or literally.

Everyone in this world is responsible for their own thoughts, words, and actions. What they do and how they respond or react to you is entirely up to them, not you, even if they do something that you don’t like. If you’re standing up for yourself with love for you and others, not only will you reap the benefits yourself but you’ll also give others permission to do the same. Never avoid standing up for yourself because you are afraid that others will be pissed off or leave you.

7. Never think that your dog is the only one that can ever make you happy.

You can be happy whenever you want to. It’s a choice. You may have to work hard at shifting perspectives and habits, but you can be happy if you decide you are. Even if your dog is really cute and licks your face and acts like he hasn’t seen you in a year when you go to the bathroom. Never think you can’t be happy. You can.

8. Never listen to country music and expect that you won’t cry about your dog dying, your lover leaving, or how shitty your life is.

Hanging with your crappy past can very easily start to define you and control you. It negatively feeds your story about lack, and gets in the way of future-forward decision-making. And it totally blocks you from seeing the goodness of what is right in front of you…your today. Never operate from your negative past.

9. Never mistake your inner critic for your long lost great great great grandmother.

If it’s a critical message or one that holds you back, it ain’t likely your old grandma. It’s your gremlins and they will do their damndest to grab you by the short and curlies and hold you back from your magnificence. You are the CEO of your own life, not them. Get clear about when they are pushing your buttons, what they are saying and what your truth is. Then start making your own executive decisions. Never let your gremlins run the show.

10. Never try to go for the movie-watching record for the Titanic.

Sitting on the couch waiting for your circumstances to change will leave you holding your heart as you recite every word that Jack says. Trust me, life is way too short for that because that’s not how things change. Look inside at what you need and want to be happy. For starters, if something works for you, do more of it. If something doesn’t work for you, stop doing it. You are responsible for your experiences and your outcomes. When your life is at stake, it is all about you. Never expect things to change for you if you don’t change yourself.

Got other ideas for things that we should never do if we want to start to feel good? Share below!