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This video comes with instructions... Watch. Dance a little, or a lot if you want. Decide what you can do this week to help you move into that life you really want. You know, the one that totally rocks! Email me with details, details, details please! Action changes shit up.  [...]
What To Do If You Want To Stop The Hurt     I coach women who hurt.   Women who are strong, independent and self-sufficient. Women who are smart, creative and successful.   But they hurt. Something has happened to leave them feeling less than themselves. [...]
Do You Need To Fire A Friend?   Have you ever been in the position of knowing that someone in your life is really not there for you? Someone who takes more than they give? Someone who drains the hell out of you every single time you connect? Do you feel judged by them? Do you feel lik[...]
Today is International Women's Day.   It's a day to celebrate women, their experiences and their resilience in the face of gender inequality and adversity. To me it's far more than that. IWD is a day where women, no matter what they have been through, can stand tall and proud of who [...]
SHIT WOMEN SAY   My kids really need me right now. Unless your kids are under the age of 18, their needs aren't likely what you think they are. Thinking or saying that you can't do something because your kids really need you right now is a socially acceptable excuse for not getting on[...]