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How sexy or un-sexy are you feeling right this minute? And where did your mind immediately go when you searched for your answer? Feeling sexy is an amazing feeling that takes me to a bit of a Zen place. It’s a place where I feel confident, strong, courageous and brave.  Sweet!! Feeling un-sexy[...]
Looks like summer is starting to wrap up again. It's a weird time of the year for me. I hate seeing the beautiful weather leave, especially when it's been such an amazing summer! But, I also love the fall. Truth be told, it's my favorite season. Boots and sweaters, the colours on the trees,[...]
I recently read an article that talked about the need to have a vision, or something extraordinary to shoot for. In my mind, I think that's the truth. Having something to look at,  in front of wherever you are in life, something totally inspiring and motivating, exciting and thrilling, is da b[...]
I recently celebrated 34 years married to the same guy. I know! Holy shit, huh? It actually looks much longer written down then it feels in reality! I was 22 when we met, and I can honestly say that didn’t know squat about myself, my needs, or what I wanted from life. Self help? Huh? [...]
Most of us live on autopilot. A lot. Doing things we really don’t want to do because we think we should. Saying things that we don’t entirely agree with just to keep the peace. Taking our direction solely from what's happening around us. Autopilot. No thinking, no standing up for you [...]