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Monthly archives: October 2015

Back from Italy. What a great trip! The architecture, the history, the food, the weather, the people, the wine, the cappuccino... I could go on and on. It was a different holiday for me though. I'm used to powering through a vacation with the energy of the Ever-Ready Bunny, going from one muse[...]
I can still recall a time many years ago, when I truly felt like someone had just punched me in the gut. There I was sitting on my couch with no energy to move, and the realization that waiting for someone else to fix my “stuff” was not working. I was giving away my power, piece by piece. I[...]
Over the past years of personal development, I've had lots of revelations that have left me with a greater understanding of myself. One of those understandings is about what influenced me as a kid to grow up being the woman that I am, with all my baggage, fears and truths. I'm clear as a coach[...]