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Monthly archives: March 2016

This. Remember a time when you were all pumped up, living life like crazy, no worries, fewer cares, and feeling like you were unbeatable? (If you're thinking that you have never been in that place before, I just might have to call bullshit on you. Dig deeper, it's hiding somewhere in the dista[...]
What’s up with the social media posts about how much better our lives will be when we stop having expectations of others. Please! Do not get baffled by that bullshit. There is more to consider. Like how we’re built for human connection. We crave that connection from others, and we crave giv[...]
I am dying to hear what you did to move your bod last week, after checking in with it first of course! It’s a far different energy that comes from connecting to yourself and getting the answers that actually work for you. Much better than doing what you think you “should” which only results in fr[...]
Got your coffee or tea with you this morning? I wanna talk to you about exercise. I can see the look on your face already. This is the about the time of the year when those of us who decide that January 1st is the kick off to a brand new exercise routine start feeling a little less energetic. [...]
Are you using 2016 to move closer toward that crazy, sexy you? You know, the one who says what’s on her mind. The one who goes after what she wants. The one who confidently knows that if she is to have the life she wants, she has to make it happen. If you’re not, what’s in your way? Cause u[...]