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Monthly archives: June 2016

Be your own Lady Boss Hey diy Ass-kickers! Recently I had a sleepover at my home for my 4 sisters, well 3 actual sisters and 1 sister-in-law who feels like my sister. We hadn’t gotten together like that for a really long time, years I think. And I gotta tell you, I was nervous! I care[...]
F*ck Off is a complete sentence. Hey diy Ass-kickers! I love that we have a deep core!  Our deep core that tells us what we need and what we want. And it lets us know what’s working for us and what isn’t. And you know the best part of using your deep core? It’s that you get to comb[...]
Hey diy Ass-kickers! Question. How do you spend your first waking moments?  Assuming that you’re not waking up to ACDC on your clock radio in the morning, your first waking moments are amazingly precious. It’s when you’re not quite awake but you’re not sleeping either. It’s that space [...]
Hey diy Ass-kickers! Thanks for hanging with me today! So there I was the other night, sitting around watching some tv and just about fell off my chair when a commercial made the claim that ”a new bathtub will change your life". I know we hear smack all the time on tv but are you kidding me [...]