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Monthly archives: August 2016

How addicted are you really? Hey diy Ass-Kickers! When I was putting this post together, all I could think of was the lyrics to that old Robert Palmer song… “Might as well face it, you’re addicted to love”. And no, this not a post about sex addiction. It’s about another kind of ad[...]
Your Life is Your Bitch Hey diy Ass-Kickers! When was the last time you were hit with an emotional smack down? It’s when something happens that creates a conflict for you. An argument or disagreement. A word expressed that should have been kept silent. An action that unintentional re[...]
Your Kicking Your Own Ass (KOYA) Playlist!! Thought you might want to rock it out with me some, ladies! Music is one powerful way to change your perspective on a dime. Listening and dancing to music are both tools in my toolbox for experiencing and creating the life I want. The KYOA Playli[...]
Can We Please Just Stop Saying This Shit? Hey diy Ass-kickers! Dianna here. Have you noticed that we sometimes say untruthful shit outloud. Shit that has us shrinking into a powerless version of ourselves. Shit that comes from our fear of offending someone, or of letting someo[...]