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What Are You Telling People? Hey diy Ass-kickers! Ok, spit it out. You're telling people things. Personal things. Intimate things. Things that people will use to "peg" you every single day. Sadly, people will often do that. They will take a look at you and quickly decide what kind of[...]
Don't Make an Enemy Out of Her Hey diy Ass-kickers! Now I'm normally a very patient woman. I'm good at listening to explanations about why things go wrong. I'm good at accepting apologies and apologizing if I feel I have inappropriately crossed someone's boundaries. I accept that o[...]
Word NO Hey diy Ass-kickers! I gotta story to tell you. I have recently taken up swimming and I love, love, love it.  I swam a lot as a kid but was feeling the need to up my technique some so I could model safe swimming for my grand babies, or should I call them water babies. Plus, t[...]
Stalled By Your Own Story Hey diy Ass-kickers! Today I’m responding to a question from a listener. That question is “How does one get un-stalled”. This listener says she isn’t moving forward anymore. She’s recently retired but wants tons more than the routine of a rocking chair on th[...]