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Tired of Self-Doubt? Hey there diy ass-kickers! If I had a magic wand that I could wave over all the women in my life who are riddled with self-doubt, I would. I wouldn’t need the beautiful gown, the glass slippers and the up-do that comes with the wand. I would just take that wand, d[...]
My Days on the Couch Hey diy Ass-kickers! Happy Sunday! Several years ago, there was a time when my couch was my comfort zone. There I was, curled up with a blanket, the remote, and a glass of wine, convinced that my spot on the couch was only place that I was completely safe. [...]
For F's Sake, Pay Attention to Me Hey diy Ass-kickers! As you probably already know, I have 2 grown daughters with daughters of their own. When they were growing up, I remember having to figure out in the moment, how to be in the moment with each of them. And I admit that sometimes [...]
Your Past Does Matter Hey diy Ass-kickers! So by now, you probably know the difference between coaching and therapy, right? Much of that difference has to do with dealing with your past as opposed to your future. I’m of the mind that you don’t need to understand all of your past h[...]
Would you win the extra mile award? Hey diy Ass-kickers! I heard on the radio the other day about nominating people for an award when they have gone the extra mile for you. I think that’s awesome. People should be recognized and acknowledged for their kindness, generosity, or whatever[...]