21 Days of Kicking Your Own Ass Coaching


 21 Days of Kicking Your Own Ass Coaching

Do you have some stuff going on in your life that you want help figuring out?  Are you ready to learn about yourself and kick your own ass but you’re just not sure where to begin?  Do you think coaching would help but find it kind of expensive?  What if you could get coaching right in the comfort of your own home or office without even having to answer the phone?

Well now you can.  And nope, you don’t have to be an actual kick boxer to pull it off!

21 Days of Kicking Your Own Ass Coaching is your first step to getting coached for a price you can afford.   At some point, all of us struggle with things that seem to take us over, and not in a good way.  We have more control over our happy than we think we do.  We actually have the answers to our stuck or confusion inside us right this minute, hiding inside until you find it.

You’re looking at three weeks of daily coaching emails from me to help you shift from a nasty gremlin-filled reality to a place of being more of who you really are.  Each email will have questions that will help you figure your shit out and move closer toward that life you’ve been craving.

It’s 1-1 coaching but it shows up in your inbox every single day for 21 days.  How much easier is that?


“For the first time in years I feel content and in control of myself!  My “bad” days are fewer and farther between and it feels good!”  -M.L.

“Dianna asks the hard questions and makes you dig deep within yourself, exactly what I needed to get back on track.  My life is once again flourishing and for that, I am truly grateful.”  -S.C.


21 Days of Kicking Your Own Ass Coaching was developed as a way for more women to step out of their “stuckness” and into a life that is deliberate and intentional.  Coaching, no matter how you receive it, is a process that gets you there.  

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Is virtual coaching for you?  Here are some of the topics that you will and I will cover:

  • what you really want in life
  • getting to know your gremlins
  • choice and trusting yourself enough to exercise it
  • numbing behaviours and what you’re avoiding
  • commitment and sabotaging yourself
  • saying hello to your Deep Core
  • decision making and over-thinking


“Your questions were a better hit than years of therapy!”  K.B. 

Coaching was just the experience that I needed.  I was able to find my way into being myself again.  And not just the self I was before; a better, stronger, self-loving me.”  -J.S.


21 days of straight coaching will give you lots of opportunity to check in with yourself and open up areas that are irritating as well as joyful.  Clarity goes way up as you write down your answers , what’s working for you and what ain’t!

21 Days of Kicking Your Own Ass Coaching will help you make some shifts in your life at a cost way below it’s actual value.  Twenty-one 1-1 coaching sessions can run you over $4,000!

When you need to kick your own ass, you know when you’re ready.  Sign up now and you’ll start your coaching tomorrow!


21 Days of Kicking Your Own Ass Coaching

You get 3 weeks of email coaching for $31 – yes that’s right!  That’s how much I think this will make a difference in your life!

Plus, you get a bonus too!  At the end of your 21 days, you can book a free 1/2 hour phone session with me to tie up any loose ends that may be hanging around.  How’s that for a bonus!

All this, and a more content you.  Are you ready?