Looks like summer is starting to wrap up again.

It’s a weird time of the year for me. I hate seeing the beautiful weather leave, especially when it’s been such an amazing summer!

But, I also love the fall. Truth be told, it’s my favorite season.

Boots and sweaters, the colours on the trees, the anticipation of the energy that comes with September.

What does September say to you?

You go girl, you’ve got shit to do!


“This may be a new opportunity for change, but do you seriously think you’ll do anything different than you do any other year?

Either way, there are 3 things that will support you to get your shit done, whether you are excited and super energized about what September is bringing you and your life, or even if you feel that anxious, gut-wrenching tug that comes when the expectations of change come with every September.

1.  Pay attention to your self talk honey, shit-talk is more dangerous than you think. 

Consider yourself talking to someone else the way you talk to yourself. Would it fly? Not likely. Notice what your language is to yourself and the story about you that it lets you maintain. Then make sure your messages offer you compassion, acceptance and encouragement.

2.  Manage your inner mean girl.

Get to know her intimately, she’s not going anywhere. Get to know her like you know your own bowel movement routine. Know what and when she gets set off, what she is trying to protect you from with her threatening messages, and what you really, really want to do. You don’t have to take her advice, but getting all her shit out in the open will help you make a clear assessment of the risks you’re prepared to take. Then take ’em!

3.  Go with a 3-point sanity practice.

Choose 3 specific things that, when you do them with regularity, make you feel sane even in the face of anxiety, overwhelm or lack of clarity. Meditation, connecting to nature, body movement, whatever works for you. One of my absolute go-to places is to play Christmas music. Brings me back down to where I am re-connected and re-charged every time. Add those 3 things to your calendar every single day, no matter what.

All these tools will up your energy to manage whatever your September holds for you.