Fireworks in a heart shape with the Canada flag on a black background. Canada day. Welcome to Canada

Hey diy Ass-Kickers!

This is Canada Day weekend, our 150th birthday bash! I hope you are celebrating our great nation all weekend long.

One of the themes this year is about Canadians being nice. I love that. Because we are nice people and given how our world is currently struggling with separating and isolating people from one another because they may be different in some’s eyes, I openly welcome a campaign that is about love over hate.

But what about you? Do you define yourself as being nice? If that question has you wondering (and I hope so!), I’ve got a couple of tips for you.

Nice is really just a feeling, preceded by a behavior or action that makes us feel that way. 

Nice is about many different behaviors and actions, not just the ones that come to mind quickly. Me? I feel nice when I pay forward a kindness or help out someone in need. But I also feel nice when I stand up for myself, love myself through tough times, or when I accomplish something I want to.  

Nice is not about judging yourself against other people’s standards, or judging others against your’s. That’s what separates us from ourselves and each other. 

Because in the end, thinking about being nice is your chance to reinforce the great stuff you’re doing or to change up the things that you decide may not be so great.

What are you doing now that makes you feel nice in your heart and soul? And whether you live in Canada or not, how are you gonna show your nice this Canada Day weekend?

Nice-on Canada!