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It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and you gotta know that everyone will have gratitude on the brain. Me included. It’s hard to ignore being grateful when giving thanks for the abundance before us is really the purpose of the holiday. Tell me. Where is the first place you look for thin[...]
Any true change we make in our life can be fucking hard. Agree? That has certainly been my experience both personally and professionally. Where do you sit with changes or shifts that you know you need or want to make? Are you looking at them straight in the eyes, ready and prepared to fight[...]
Hey diy Ass-kickers! Remember that time when you got into an argument with someone, maybe drama ensued, it was horrible and kept you awake at night. Conflict sucks. It sucks because we women are lovers, not fighters. I seriously think it’s not in our DNA to want to fight with anyone. Yet[...]
Hey diy Ass-kickers! I worked with a client once who wanted coaching to help her “get back to being me again”. She was lost in a life full of habits and routine that had her doing things she wasn’t all that happy about doing and not doing the things that she longed to do. She was divorc[...]
Can you say that you are present to what is happening in front of you in the moment 100% of the time? Can you say you are present 75% of the time? Half the time? Or do you suck at being in the moment? It’s hard sometimes to not let your mind wander! Maybe you’re thinking about someone’s rea[...]
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about perfection. Perfection is a standard. A standard that we hold ourselves to in order to not feel the lack of worth that can come with its failure. Perfection can be about anything. For some it’s our looks, others our behaviour, and for still others, our ach[...]
I believe that making ourselves feel good is our number one job. Partly because it’s our goddess-given right, partly because no one else can do it for us, and partly because when mama isn’t feeling good, nobody feels good and I know how important it is for women to support those around them. Feeling[...]
What do you say when someone asks how you are? Fine. Ok. Meh. Seldom do we say how great our life is. Why? Some of us don’t want to be seen as bragging. Some of us are afraid to be bold and jinx it. But most of us don’t say great because not every part of our life IS great, there are downs [...]
In this summer of 2019, there seems to be a theme emerging with my clients. It’s about lies. Women lie all the time. Sometimes we are aware of it, sometime we aren’t. Most of the time, we think we are keeping our own secrets by lying but truthfully we can’t lie to ourselves without lying to other[...]
Happy summer!! We are pretty much in the middle of our summer in Canada. Weather in my part of the country has been good. Weird at times, but good. What does summer mean to you? For me it’s long hot days, outdoor swimming and biking, leisurely walks, camping, farmer’s markets, outdoor patio[...]