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It's loving every inch of you.  Fat or skinny.  Wrinkles or big nose.  Formally educated or life-smart. It's lovingly standing up for yourself when your boundaries have been crossed. It's eating and drinking what you know feels energizing and healthy to your body, not just feeding your emoti[...]
I love questions, guess that's why I coach.  The more powerful and provocative the better. Why?  It's simple.  They help us understand ourselves better. When we let them. How many times have you answered "fine" to people asking how you are? They don't really want to know!  They're just b[...]
"To find the happiness we all desire we have to figure out: (1) what to do, (2) how to do it, (3) where to get the strength to get it done.  ...Even when we seem to be hung up on what to do or how to do it this hang-up is rarely the real problem.  The problem is we don't have the strength to d[...]
It occurred to me that you may not know me very well. You've taken the leap to jump on my list and into this community of like-minded women.  And most of you have trusted me enough to "like" my Facebook page. Ps, have I said thank you recently?  If not, a big MUAH to you! You know I'm a cer[...]
I have a simple question for you. What do you want people to say about you during your eulogy? Sorry to bum you out.  Death isn't something we typically get excited talking about. But here it is anyway. What do you want people to say about you during your eulogy? Stop thinking about[...]
There this an author that I just love! Dr. Brene Brown, a researcher and social worker from the University of Houston, writes about shame and vulnerability.  Her theories are simple, practical and so damn applicable to every day life that I find myself constantly saying "Yes!" as I read her boo[...]
You know how this goes. You have a painful experience with someone.   You think about it.  You think about it more. You can't focus on other things you need to get done.  You just can't let it go. And each time you think about it, you get that same gut-wrenching feeling. How do you mo[...]
Ok, don't get all excited about using the F word. I'm sure you know exactly how and when to use that fabulous, effective word and do so when the mood strikes. I know I do! This is about another f word. Fear. Puts a bit of a knot in my gut just saying it out loud. Mind…hesitantly…goes directly…[...]
I have this lovely friend in Dubai who regularly shares my love of silly, fun ways to just pump up life. One day she kindly sent me the link for the Dance Walk craze. I loooved it! Watching people strut their stuff down the streets of New York City without a care in the world made my heart warm,[...]
I have two beautiful daughters. Without question, they both own a piece of my heart. It’s one of those Mom things, you know what I’m talking about. Your babies are everything and, even though you look like a raving idiot at times, there is nothing you wouldn’t do to keep your family together. My [...]
Seriously, what is it with us women? It’s like it’s part of our friggin’ DNA! Sound familiar? ” There must be something wrong with me because I can’t get a date…my boyfriend dumped me…my spouse cheated on me“. I know you’ve heard them all before, if not said them yourself. Who says there is an[...]
Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate, it’s all the same to women.  We work our asses off, spread so much friggin’ love that we wonder where it’s all coming from, and in the words of the kid from Christmas Vacation “we still get the shaft”.  What’s with that? In an effort to be transparen[...]