Hey diy Ass-kicker!

I recently read a line from a colleague that said “Funerals happen every day when you’re expanding”.

Love that. And it’s so true.

You don’t get to say hello to the new without saying buh bye to the old.

See, there is only so much room in those boxes we currently live in. If you want to make room for a new something, you’ve got to move something out.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept of just being expansive and going with the flow, letting all things just be around you. But that doesn’t work when you’re dealing with the good, the bad, and the ugly of your life.

And upping the good and downing the bad/ugly is why you’re here, right?

Nobody wants a life that is heavier on the bad side, one that shadows out the feelings that come with any good that is available to you.

The funeral is about saying those goodbyes to what isn’t serving you.

Like the rules you follow that you don’t really want to.
Like the shit you put up with from the nasties in your world.
Like the confines of not loving yourself enough to stand up and say you’re done.

What are your’s?

Make a list of everything that you would like to have a funeral for a final see ya. If you want to have some fun with it, plan the whole event out. What you’d be saying, who you’d invite or not invite, what you’d be eating or drinking, or dancing to. The picture of the “deceased” you might set up.

What would your space look like if you held that funeral for one of those things on you list, or two, or 10? (Everyone has at least 10 things that don’t serve them but they do them anyway because they think they should.)

How much easier could you breath? How much healthier would you feel? How much more love would you have to share with those around you?

And most importantly…

What would you invite in to take it’s place?

Ps The line came from a super inspirational, potty-mouthed writer and biz supporter, from her blog. Check her out here…