Here’s a couple of questions for you:

  • Are you feeling pressured to come up with some kick-ass resolutions this year?
  • Do you have things you want to get done in 2015 but are admittedly a little afraid that you’ll suck at follow-through?
  • Are you tired of feeling like a resolution-failure and wanna get it right this year?

For love of the goddesses…do not get pressured into making a bunch of New Year resolutions that don’t seem to happen!

Make this new year your best ever with Bring It! 2016

Here’s your chance to figure out your personal growth plan for the new year without the anxiety, without the pre-determined sense of failure, and thankfully without the tsk tsk’s from your Auntie Rose.

Getting to what you want in the new year is really not as difficult as you think. If what you’ve been doing up to now hasn’t worked, change it up!

Join me on Sunday January 10th 2 pm EST time (11 am Pacific, 12 pm Mountain) for the Bring It! 2016 teleclass

Bring it On 2015 resolutionYou’ll learn…

  • How and why you should review your 2015 as a way to understand what you want in 2016
  • What you need and want to let go of from the old year
  • How you want to feel in the new year and why
  • What your plan of action looks like for the year

Notice I didn’t say goals…when it comes to the new year, that is one loaded word!

And yes, it’s OK to not have your yearly intentions hot in hand at 12:01 am January 1st! Give yourself one last Christmas gift…the time to figure them out in good time.

This is about what you really desire, not what you or your Auntie Rose think you should be doing, and I promise it’s gonna be a little different from traditional goal-setting.

Love to have you join in!

Jump on the phone with me. What better thing to be doing on a Sunday afternoon than getting clear about your new year along with other like-minded women?

Usually my Sundays are reserved to soak up family but this just feels like a Sunday afternoon thing to do. Don’t you agree?

If for some reason you can’t make the call (maybe your day is taken over by the hairball your cat can’t quite cough up), I’ll send you the recording so you can listen and do the work later. I seriously want you there live but sometimes things just get in the way!

And just because I know we all overspend somewhat on the holidays, this class is priced to be easy on your bank account. Not that there is ever a price tag on personal clarity and growth of course!

Here are the deets! Just click on the “I’M IN!” tab below to sign up.

Bring It! 2016

A non-resolution, resolution-making tele class

Cost: $39

You’ll get…
-1 1/2 hours of class time with me
-Worksheets sent ahead of the date to fill in before & during the call
-Recording of the class in case you missed it or forgot a point or two
-Access to a free exclusive community & Facebook group just for signing up.

Click here to join us and get your 2016 resolution shit together!

Once you are registered, you’ll get an email right to your inbox with the call in number for the class. The worksheets will arrive a day or two before the class.

Yay!! Can’t wait to get this new year a-rockin!!