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Hey diy Ass-kickers! We all feel pain at some point in our lives. Maybe it’s loss, maybe it’s feeling like we’re not enough, maybe it’s knowing something is very wrong with your life, but not knowing what it is or having the courage to do anything about it. Whatever brings you pain, [...]
Love the hell out of your muffin top! Hey diy Ass-Kickers I’ll admit it right here in front of all you lovely ladies who are kind enough to listen to me every week. I’ve got a muffin top. I do. Some days it’s bigger than others but it’s been hanging around for a few months no[...]
How I got away with hiding Hey diy Ass-kickers! I used to hide all the time. We’re not talking kid stuff here, I hid as a full grown adult woman. And contrary to what you might be thinking, I didn’t hide because my life was shitty. Hiding was never about what I had, because on a[...]
F*ck Off is a complete sentence. Hey diy Ass-kickers! I love that we have a deep core!  Our deep core that tells us what we need and what we want. And it lets us know what’s working for us and what isn’t. And you know the best part of using your deep core? It’s that you get to comb[...]
Hey diy Ass-kickers! Question. How do you spend your first waking moments?  Assuming that you’re not waking up to ACDC on your clock radio in the morning, your first waking moments are amazingly precious. It’s when you’re not quite awake but you’re not sleeping either. It’s that space [...]
Hey diy Ass-kickers! Thanks for hanging with me today! So there I was the other night, sitting around watching some tv and just about fell off my chair when a commercial made the claim that ”a new bathtub will change your life". I know we hear smack all the time on tv but are you kidding me [...]
  Hello there diy Ass-kickers,   Thanks for hanging out with me today! You may be thinking that the title of this blog is a little odd, odd coming from me anyway. I’m always telling you guys that kicking your own ass works, really well actually. In fact, in both my person[...]
Ever had shit happen in your life that was out of your control? Here’s one of my experiences and how I handled it. Over the past month or so, I’ve had 3 or 4 bouts of bad news given to me. News that left me feeling like crap. I won’t get into all the deets but the news was about other peop[...]
Hey diy Ass-kickers!   It’s Mom’s Day and I’m spending some time with my daughters and their babies who, quite simply, rock my world.    How are you feeling about Mother’s Day?   Do you approach the day with expectations about how you[...]
Hey diy Ass-kickers! Are you on a self-help hamster wheel? What a weird saying that is! Can you actually picture yourself right now on a hamster wheel?   Funny as it seems, we’ve all been there. And here’s how our thoughts go while we’re there… I wanna be m[...]
“It’s the truth…I’m a junkie.“ I’m sitting here in Muskoka in central Ontario, looking out the window at the additional foot of snow we just got laid on us over night. I’m sooooo ready for spring! I’m a spring born baby, so I feel like I have a connection to all that new life, energy, and f[...]
This. Remember a time when you were all pumped up, living life like crazy, no worries, fewer cares, and feeling like you were unbeatable? (If you're thinking that you have never been in that place before, I just might have to call bullshit on you. Dig deeper, it's hiding somewhere in the dista[...]