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One thing we really suck at as women is recognizing when we need to take a break… then taking it. Oh no, I’ve got too much to do. I have to be there for them, its expected. I’ll feel like a slacker or lazy. I’m calling bullshit on all of that. Maybe you do have lots on your to-do lis[...]
How sexy or un-sexy are you feeling right this minute? And where did your mind immediately go when you searched for your answer? Feeling sexy is an amazing feeling that takes me to a bit of a Zen place. It’s a place where I feel confident, strong, courageous and brave.  Sweet!! Feeling un-sexy[...]
I love to take women right to their own edge of comfort. Right to that place where experience meets wants and needs. Yep, that place. Wanna go to your edge? Are you ready? Maybe? Maybe not? You're more ready than you think.  There's so much pressure around to fix things, hit that c[...]
Looking for a life change? Wanna feel better? Like you're not second-guessing yourself all the time? Like you don't live on an emotional rollercoaster of negativity and positivity? First, there is no magic bullet to make your life shift. None, unless you know something that I don't, in which c[...]
Honestly? You're gonna get them. I like to call them smack downs. They suck. They make you spiral down into feeling like you don't make the grade in any part of your life. They color your experience of everything that you do or see. I had one a couple of weeks ago. I woke up with a nasty fe[...]
6 Things That Will Make You Dance Like Pharrell Pharrell Williams sings about being happy. I know you've heard the song, it's played on the radio about a zillion times a day. We all want happy. Pharrell just puts on his cool hat, dances up a storm, and invites all us to be happy, feeling like a [...]
Today is International Women's Day.   It's a day to celebrate women, their experiences and their resilience in the face of gender inequality and adversity. To me it's far more than that. IWD is a day where women, no matter what they have been through, can stand tall and proud of who [...]
  Are you up for a No?   I get it.  It's tough to say no. We're supposed to be Superwomen and be able to do it all, aren't we?  And do it all with a big smile, a great job, a clean house, a satisfied partner, well-behaved kids, cleavage and a size 4 ass. The problem is that we c[...]
Gettin' Dirty With Your Deep Core Time to get down and dirty about your deep core. I get super excited when I think about women’s deep cores.  Your’s, mine, doesn’t much matter.  Women’s deep cores totally rule! Mind out of the gutter please!  You know I'm not talking about your body parts he[...]
Do you have gas?   I can hear the giggles now.  You’re thinking I’m talking about people passing gas.  Nope.  Too bad though, that can be funny. Is it the price of gas for your car?  Nope.  I think that as a society, we’ve talked about that one enough thanks. This is about our gas[...]
You know how this goes. You have a painful experience with someone.   You think about it.  You think about it more. You can't focus on other things you need to get done.  You just can't let it go. And each time you think about it, you get that same gut-wrenching feeling. How do you mo[...]