Hey diy Ass-kickers
Personally, I believe that we all need to kick our own asses. No matter what stage of life we are in, how happy or unhappy we are, what we have accomplished or what we haven’t, we all need to be clear about what our behaviours are and if they work or don’t work for us. And then do more of the first, and less of the second. Right? Hopefully you said yes!
Even though we try to be Wonder Woman 24/7 there are times when, even though we know better, we revert back to behaviours that simply don’t serve us…aka, make us feel like shit. Then we feel doubly bad about ourselves for getting duped… by ourselves!
Yes, I know I have said this before, but awareness of your own role in feeling shitty is super important! Not so you can beat yourself up any more than you may already. I’m talking simple, no judgements, honest reflection and understanding of how, if we’re not paying close attention to what we need, we can behave in ways that are not part of our feel good plan.
Big huge fucking point coming right here!!!
No matter how you have behaved or responded to situations up to now, going forward, be compassionate with the woman you are. See it, and accept it as a something you did not, someone you are, and move on. That woman (along with the rest of us) and the rest of us are not perfect, but we are still worth loving and supporting like we would our children or our best friend. Capich?
So here is a little quiz for you to play. You are presented with 7 scenarios that may or may not be true to your life, and the common responses to them that I hear with regularity. 
The game is to apply the scenario to your own life and decide if you would have made that response out of habit (they really do die hard), or if you would have made the response after truly considering your options and picking one that would leave you feeling good about yourself.
Don’t overthink this or make up reasons why you would never let yourself get into these situations. I have left you space at the end to describe your own personal scenarios where you have been challenged to chose a considered response over a habitual one. Dig deep and be honest, no one needs to see this but you.
Even though these circumstances may be different from your's, we all fall into the old habit tracks at some point. Think if it as a Universal learning tool. In my own words when I screw up… “Well that clearly didn’t work, so what’s my plan going forward?”.
Here goes!
  1. Your mom calls and wants you to spend time with Aunt Peggy while she passes through town at a time when you are crazy busy, and you say ok. Is it choice or habit?
  2. The trades guy ditches your work yet again and you don’t complain. Is it choice or habit?
  3. You flip the bird to another driver to make sure they knew you didn’t like their driving. Is it choice or habit?
  4. You are tired, hungry and on the grumpy side and let your partner have it for her/his annoying behaviour. Is it choice or habit?
  5. You know you have a rough week ahead of you but you spend the weekend eating junk food, drinking more wine than you like, and not getting enough sleep. Is it choice or habit?
  6. Your bff calls just before you are sitting down for your “me” time…meditation, journaling, reading, tea and your fav music, a double bubble bath with the door safely locked, whatever…and you put off your practice because she can’t call you back. Is it choice or habit?
  7. Your family dumps on your dreams yet again but you walk away glad you told them since they pointed out pitfalls you had not considered. Is it choice or habit?
  8. YOUR first personal scenario…
  9. YOUR second personal scenario…
  10. YOUR thrid personal scenario…
One of the easiest things to do is fall back into an old habit. Until you create new habits of course.
Then come back and do this quiz again.