Hey diy Ass-kickers!


Most of us don’t prioritize how we spend our precious time.

You likely know the drill, especially if you are around my age where there are kids, grandkids, parents, extended family, community commitments, homes to maintain, and oh ya…paid jobs. And pleasure, but where the fuck does that land in the bigger picture of everything that we can/are asked/want to do?

Here’s a crazy thought? What if we stopped thinking of our lives as one big to-do list with ticks that needed to be shared equally?

What if we prioritized how we wanted to spend our time?

Let’s get one thing super straight right now…I mean crystal fucking clear. Not one of us can maintain a life full of responses to everything and everyone that are part of our existence. There are just too many things on that list to contend with. If you think you are doing it, give some serious thought to how happy you really are with that list determining how you spend your every living moment.

It’s not that we don’t want to be a part of all of them in some way. We do, but treating them as equal recipients of our attention means two things. Either they don’t truly get the attention they deserve (usually things that are personal and self-caring), or we feel the heavy guilt that comes with not doing something as much as we think we “should”. I think you’ve heard me say before “Screw shoulds”.

Thus the need to prioritize!

What would your list look like if you picked the most important things to you? Try 3, or 5 if you’re finding this exercise tough! I doesn’t mean you can’t do the others, it just means that you are prepared to say no to them over your priority choices.

How would things change for you?

How much more would you enjoy those priority activities?

How much more content do you think you would be?

I picture seeing this as an opportunity to introduce a boundary where perhaps there was either none, or one that moved around…a lot.

I picture breathing easier. And I picture a new way to enjoy the things that you know deep down in your soul, give you the most pleasure.

And I picture a more self-centred (in the best way possible!), self-protecting, and self-lover than the one who scrambles to check each box.

Taking power back over the to-do list, one woman at at time!