Choose you.  That’s the message I give to my daughters, my sisters, my friends.  It’s that important.

Choosing you is about learning to love yourself unconditionally.  That crazy no-holds-barred, I-would-trade-myself-for-you-in-a-hostage-situation kind of love.  That means all of you, even the one who fucks up sometimes, the one other people like to gossip about, and the one who never really seems to measure up.  Stand up for every inch of beautiful you.

It’s about accepting others for the space they are in.   They may be rude, judgemental, or downright mean.  Doesn’t matter.  Accept who and what they are (way different than accepting their bad behaviour btw) and understand that their shit is about them, not you.

It’s about trying to not control others.  Refuse to fall into the trap of thinking that you can live someone else’s life better than they can.  Let them experience all the learnings that are on their path, good and bad, with your love.

It’s about knowing that you need only your own approval.  You don’t need someone else to define if and when you are good enough.  You get to do that.  You get to decide what’s right or wrong.  You get to decide if you have succeeded.  You get to decide if you need to learn more and try again.  You are the expert on you.

Its about understanding that complaining keeps you a victim and victims are usually stuck in a place of fear.  Fear of change, fear of judgement, fear of being solely responsible for you with no one else to blame.  All understandable but you’re still stuck.

It’s about being ok with the fact that perfection doesn’t exist, however you describe it.  Continuously trying to get to your version of perfect will drive you nuts and keep you from seeing the beauty in what you do every day.

It’s about owning your happiness.   Knowing what makes you rock on the inside and going for it.  Silver spoons, good looking spouses, or busting through glass ceilings won’t cut it when you secretly long for more.  Define your happy.

Like I said, this is important and I challenge you to step up and start kicking your own ass.

Be that woman who takes complete responsibility for herself.  Be that woman who acts  like she is important too.  Be that woman who doesn’t qualify what makes her happy, as long as it makes her happy.

Because your heart will never learn its true purpose on earth until you do.

Because you owe it to yourself and no one else can do it for you.

Because, through all your fear-filled excuses, you know that it’s time.

Because you can.


Dianna  xo


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