Got something brewing in your brain the needs sorting out? Do you know you have a specific thing that is stepping in front of you or smacking you down from being or doing what you want? Something that you know would make like easier for you if you could just figure that sucker out?

Don’t wait for weekly or bi-weekly sessions to do the work. Get-er-done fast and furiously!

Hook up with me for a CML Coaching Intensive. It’s 3 hours of all-out concentrated coaching in one day, digging deeply into your one issue (with working pee breaks) and figuring it out.

Here’s what we’ll do in that time…

  • get super clear on what life would look like when your problem is resolved
  • know what beliefs that don’t serve you and are actually keeping you where you are, and create tools that will help you create a beliefs
  • make an action plan to get you to a place where you feel like you’ve got this

You’ll end the Intensive with both tools and tasks that you will have committed to, that will get you the resolution you’re looking for.

You actually know what to do with this problem, in fact you have all the answers that will work for you. But sometimes we don’t trust our own judgement, are afraid of other’s judgements, or just don’t know where to start. Bottom line? You don’t take action and you just stay stuck, which feels lousy.

Sometimes it’s just that one thing that hovers over you. That wakes you up at night. That gives you that knot in your stomach or tightens your throat.

That’s where I come in. Bring it and let’s get busy figuring that shit out.


Get a CML Coaching Intensive for $599