Ok, so you’ve had about as much crap in your life as you are willing to take.

You’re tired of being slammed, thinking that you have no control over your own damn life, and feeling negative and down on yourself and others.

You’re done.

So you get some help. And if it’s from a qualified coach, you learn some things:

  • You learn what’s truly important for you to have, feel and express in your life.
  • You learn that you have habits that don’t serve you, and new ones that do.
  • And you learn a whole new practice for approaching the ups and downs of your life without having your head explode.

So you practice your butt off and get some results but then you start to loose energy for the change. In coaching we call that the dip, and it sucks.

It’s that feeling of low energy for your “thing” after you were so energized and full of “Omg, this is gonna be amazing”. It’s where your inner mean girl has your proxy for calling the shots about your abilities. And it’s full of disappointment that you couldn’t keep this thing on the rails and fear that you never will get to where you really want to be.

The dip tries to screw up my plans every time I embark on something new in my life, start a new program in my biz or take a new route on what my hubby and I call our excellent adventure.

Here’s what I’ve figured out about the dip. It doesn’t last forever unless you let it.

What if you practiced compassion for yourself instead? Compassion is the ultimate act of self-love. (Click to tweet!)

What if you recognized when you started to feel less than excited and knew that was ok? That you will come back, that your energy will return.

What if you knew that all you needed to do was be kind to yourself? You already know that your inner mean girl’s messages aren’t your truth so blow her a kiss and tell her to sit this one out.

Then continue with your new practice.

And if your energy is low, that’s ok. Take the practice slowly and lovingly.

Acknowledge that you don’t have to get your shit together in 5 days. Take those baby steps. That’s not wimpy, it’s the best way to keep moving forward.

And if there is part of your new practice that needs tweeking, tweek it. Adjustments? Adjust it.

Whatever you can clearly see that isn’t flowing as you planned, make it flow.

Just keep going, doing one thing everyday that will move you into your best life.

Just please don’t dump the practice.

It’s the practice that will support you through the dip.

And besides, compassionately working on your best life IS having your shit together.