The Confidence Builder Series- What’s your confidence look like?

Hey DIY Ass-kickers!

As a Confidence Coach, I can honestly say that confidence is an issue for every single woman I have ever met, and probably every man. Varying degrees perhaps but confidence is a really big deal for most of us.

I bet you think about your own confidence at some point every single day, and probably the confidence of other people as well. So how about we have ourselves a good old gab about confidence? 

It’s well worth taking the time to shoot the shit about confidence. So I’ll be blogging about confidence the next few weeks.

Today is about how you feel about your confidence.  

Because I’m curious about you and I’m hoping that you’re curious about you too, here are some questions about confidence for you to answer right in this email and send back to me, or jot them down if you are listening to the podcast. Either way, I’d love to know your answers.

Being curious and creating awareness of ourselves and how we operate is how we begin to learn to work our confidence.

Is it a big deal to you to have strong confidence?

  • It’s not a big deal
  • It’s a sort of a big deal
  • I’m on the fence, maybe yes, maybe no
  • It’s a super big deal

What makes you think that it’s a big deal or it isn’t a big deal?

How does your confidence stack up to other people’s?

  • I feel like I’m sitting in their shadow, I have less confidence than they do
  • I’m in the middle somewhere
  • I rock this confidence shit, I have more confidence than others
  • I have no clue

What makes you think that your confidence stacks up great against other people’s or it doesn’t?

Do you know what areas of your life you want to have more confidence and how to get it?

  • Nope
  • Maybe, I have some ideas anyway
  • I’ve got this
  • I told you, I rock this confidence shit, I don’t need any more

Where do you think you want more confidence?

Is confidence building worth learning about?

  • yep, I’m up for learning 
  • maybe, but it’s kinda little scary
  • nope, not my thing

What’s important to you about learning more or not learning more about confidence building?

That was easy, huh? Your challenge is to answer these questions and take some time to consider you and your confidence. You’re a team!

Till next week, you DIY Confidence Builder, you!

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