an intention journal for women who know when a napkin just isn’t big enough


Ever feel like life has you by the short and curlies?  Like you have no control over how your day turns out?  Do you wish that it could be different?  That you had some tools that gave you more control?

And what if getting that control only took a few minutes every day?

Deciding Sample Page The DECIDING intention journal for women does all that and more.  It allows you to focus on the things that you want the most of in your life.  The experiences that make you feel good instead of what feels crappy.

Don’t worry, this isn’t sipping at the Kool-Aid or some California woo-hoo.  It’s a real tool for real women.  Most of us start our day and react to whatever comes our way, allowing our feelings to overtake us as they will.  We don’t take the time to be deliberate about what we want to experience.  We react to circumstances, instead of responding from a place of choice.

Being intentional about how you want to experience your day and taking action to get there is your framework for responding to what’s in front of you.  Imagine how different your day would feel if your intention was to be joyful all day long.  You’d be looking for joy in circumstances that normally might make you feel sad, depressed, angry or resentful.  All those feelings have a place in life, but they don’t have to take over your every day.  For a change, you will be in a better place to manage them, and therefore your overall experience.

DECIDING takes is about 10 minutes a day to fill in and it may just be the most important time you will spend all day long!  It will set you up to create your desired experiences with clarity and focus.

The DECIDING Women’s Intention Journal was created out of my own need to get real about my own responsibility for my day.  I kept coming up short when I looked for journals that would encompass all that I wanted to address…gratitude, affirmations, intentions, and targeted action.  My clients were also looking for something to practice what they were learning in our coaching sessions.  I decided to make a journal that worked for all of us.

DECIDING is a path to the clarity and the peace  you’ve been craving.

“It changed my day and changed my life.  I love this journal!”  -W.B.


Here’s what you’ll get from this journal:

  • the goodness of being in the moment with appreciation and gratitude
  • the universe’s back up with affirmations about who you really are
  • control about how you want your day to feel
  • clarity about what’s blocking your dominant feeling for the day
  • the added mo-joy of additional actions to support your experience


“Being intentional was something completely new to me.  I would never go back to leaving my day and my feelings up to anything else again. ” -P.D.

You could just think about all the elements that will have you being completely intentional about your day, but writing them down increases your clarity and lets you evaluate how you’re doing.  DECIDING has one full year of room for you to focus on the positive that you crave in your life.

You’ll be kicking your own ass by making conscious choices about your day instead of waiting for the shit to hit the fan!

The DECIDING Women’s Intention Journal is here to support your self-determined  peace of mind and to get back into the driver’s seat!

You’re not stuck somewhere needing to roll with the punches that anyone else dictates.  This day, and every other, is your day.

“This journal is a great tool to keep me on track.  I’m owning my day, and my power!”  -L.S.




You’ll have access to the downloaded journal within minutes of buying!