Hey diy Ass-Kickers!

There is a big difference, you know.

A big difference between accepting what’s in front of us, breathing through it, and letting go of the parts that you really, REALLY, want to hang on to and, standing your ground, saying no-fucking-way to a change that is being placed on you by others.

The difference?

Wait for it…

It’s what you feel will bring you the most peace. And I mean real peace, not just the fake peace that you feel when you hide from the hard stuff.

Because sometimes it’s totally worth it to challenge, raise a fuss, and piss people off.

But sometimes it’s not. Especially when the challenge is solely because you’re stuck in your head about what you thought was supposed to happen.

That’s when the peace you want to feel must come first. Your deep core knows the answers here so don’t be swayed by either your inner mean girl’s messages or what other people tell you to do.

Change comes in many ways and forms and all of it means something in the bigger picture of your life. The Universe reaches out to help you get to your place of peace, and then it’s on you to decide how to respond.

Respond with your heart set on peace.

That’s a hell-yes to you.