Do you give your power away?  Do your boundaries get crossed more than you’re comfy with?  Do you ever feel like everyone else has a piece of you…except you?

Do you wish you had more confidence in the decisions that you make?  Do you want to be clearer about what’s ok and what’s not ok for you?

And since you are a busy woman, would you like to figure all that out whenever you have the time, doing as much or as little as you want to?

diy DEEP CORE MAPPING FINAL diy DEEP CORE MAPPING can help you get there.

It’s 50 pages of content and exercises that will get you understanding yourself down to your deep core. 

Deep down to where you know exactly what works for you and what doesn’t.  Where you know what rocks your world and what just doesn’t cut it.  

This kick-your-own-ass workbook isn’t about changing your circumstances.  Sometimes life hands you a shit storm and there isn’t anything you can do to avoid it.  That’s life for most of us.

The diy workbook is knowing deeply what you are about, what you need to feel happy, and how to so you can manage the shit storm from a place of confidence.  A place where you understand your values and use them to guide your decision making and behaviour.  A place where making yourself feel good isn’t a selfish practice, it’s a practice of self ass-kickery and feeling good!


diy DEEP CORE MAPPING can take as long as you want to complete.  That’s the beauty of diy!  This could be one of the most valuable pieces of work you will ever do for yourself.  It puts you in charge of, well, YOU.


“This workbook takes you to what you know about yourself, what you forgot about yourself, and what you want for yourself, and then inspires you to be the woman you want and can be.  Dianna blends real understanding, sincerity, practicality and encouragement into every section, written as if you’re having a conversation with your BFF!”   -M.F.

Here’s what you’ll get out of this workbook:

  • learn why it’s a good thing to kick your own ass 
  • clarity on what happens when you keep yourself small
  • learn ways to love yourself unconditionally and how not loving yourself can get in your way of doing what works for you
  • know the importance of self care and self talk, and how to practice them 
  • figure out what lies in your DEEP CORE and how to rock it
  • know exactly what to do when you get a smack down


“Authentic, encompassing and honest.  This workbook gave me lots of ah-ha moments, the biggest being that I am truly the creator of my own happiness.  The worksheets brought me in touch with exactly where and how I needed to work on myself to make that happen.”  -K.S.


This is 50 pages of inner work.  7 modules, each with it’s own exercise that will change how your do business in your world.  Not only will you be kicking your own ass, but you’ll be doing it with confidence and love.

After using diy DEEP CORE MAPPING, you’ll know what you need spiritually, emotionally and physically to be happy.  You’ll be confident about when it’s time to stick to your boundaries without reacting with resentment.  And you’ll be able to bounce back from that smack down that jumps out at you when you least expect it.

“Brutal stuff,  I could barely fill it out and wanted to lock it in a drawer.  The same drawer I keep all my fears and sadness in.  As I got trough the exercises, my days changed.  I had a map of myself to check in with.  I didn’t feel so lost within my life.  Everyone talks about ‘finding themselves’, diy Deep Core Mapping helps you walk the talk.” -K.P.

diy DEEP CORE MAPPING is your tool for a journey that is self-decided and self-regulated.  Life is much more peaceful when the only one bossing your around is you!

Here’s your chance girl, to kick your own ass with some good old fashioned inner work that can change everything!

50 pages, 7 modules and exercises, + Crave More Life’s Deep Core Credo bonus,


 all in one place to do when and how you want



Add some 1-1 coaching support to help get you through the workbook. You can do that right here at a discounted rate.  Buy enough to support you through each module (7) and you’ll get a free bonus session that will cover the cost of the workbook!