Do you have gas?


I can hear the giggles now.  You’re thinking I’m talking about people passing gas.  Nope.  Too bad though, that can be funny.

Is it the price of gas for your car?  Nope.  I think that as a society, we’ve talked about that one enough thanks.

This is about our gas, our personal source of fuel.  The stuff that keeps us going.  It’s another word for our power.

I truly believe that women are deep down powerful beings.  I see it in other women and I see it in myself.  We’re nurturers.  We’re care-takers.  For the most part, we keep our families, our homes, and our work places (fill in your role here) running.  We use what can come naturally to us to support others.  And when we do that from an intentional place, it can be amazing.

But then there are the times when we give our power away.

Like giving some to your boss when you don’t feel like you can challenge when they correct your work.

Like giving some to your fears when you’re held back from doing what you know would make you happy.

Or giving some to your current shit-kicking circumstance that you think has total control over you.

Giving away your precious power comes with consequences.  Pretty soon your supply starts to run out.  You’re exhausted and weak.  You feel like shit and start to question yourself. 

How did you let all this happen? 

What did you do that your friends and family tell you that you should have known better.   

Why does your gremlin saying “I told you so” feel somehow familiar and comforting. 

Do you get why I started to talk about power as gas?

Spending time questioning and blaming yourself for giving away your power is one of the least powerful place you can be.  It’s a place where we have no energy or personal fuel left to think about how we can make ourselves happy.

Then we’re just stuck.

So how do we build up our personal fuel reserves?

By living from a place of self-determined contentment.  Life doesn’t have to control you.  That’s your job. 

Start now by asking yourself some key questions.  What’s important to you?  What feeds your soul?  What do you value?  What feels good and what doesn’t?

Understanding those things puts you in the perfect place for living an intentional life and to me, that’s a foundation for happy.  And it comes with a full tank of gas to manage whatever comes your way.

So do you want to build up your personal fuel reserves?

Then do whatever you need to keep your tank topped up.

Stop giving your power away.

Stop kicking yourself in the gut when you do.

Start living intentionally based on what you need to be happy.

And tell your friends, family and gremlins to bugger off.

Dianna xo

Leave me a comment below with how you intend to build up your personal fuel reserves!

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