Hey diy Ass-kickers

A little pondering for a Sunday morning…

Have you ever thought about all the things that make you smile, make your heart warm, bring you joy and make you feel content? In the age of connecting to gratitude, I’ll bet you have. Hell, maybe you’ve even written it down.

I’m sure you know what tunes you into life, and what you would miss terribly if you no longer had it.

That’s a good thing!

But if you know that, why is it that so much time is spent fussing over things that are not on that list? Things that do not bring you those feelings of joy and contentment?

Life doesn’t always hand us flowers, candy, money or even love. Sometimes we get a shit sandwich served up on a platter. With really sour pickles.

And during those times, there are feelings, circumstances, and even people that you gotta deal with. Sweeping those crusts under the rug DOES NOT work.

So while you’re dealing, and every other moment you are alive, focus on the good.

Focus on the contentment. Focus on the things that make you feel good and notice how that changes how you manage anything that comes your way.

Always focus on what lights you up. The rest is just stuff to check off your to-do list.

Why would you ever want to focus on anything else?