Hey diy Ass-kickers!

It’s time to be blunt.

Sorry, but there are no magic wands to wave over your life to make things feel the way you want them to.

I get it. You’re waiting for someone to tell you how to do it. How to fix things. How to do those things that will make whatever it is alright.

It doesn’t really matter what you are stuck about, we’ve all waited for an “expert” to teach us how to manage the shit in our lives.

We don’t trust ourselves enough to even acknowledge that we, just us on our own, can do our own fixing.

Like fixing that relationship that you know somewhere deep down just isn’t working.

Like fixing the job that you hate getting out of bed for but you do because it’s all you have.

Like fixing those feelings of negativity, the cranky-pants attitude, and that unwavering under-the-covers sense that you don’t really deserve anything to work out the way you want it to.

First thing. Stop sweating the fact that no-one is showing up to change your life. There is a reason for that. Second thing. Start looking inside.tweet

Instead of waiting to ask someone else, start asking yourself some big deep questions. Get quiet, open up that heart of yours and grab some paper and something to write with, maybe even some colorful markers that might represent your feelings.

Here we go…

What are the most sacredly important things to you? What works for you and what doesn’t?
Where are you living in honour of those things? Where are you not? Being butt-honest with yourself, what are you truly afraid of happening if you challenge the status quo?
What do you need to do (for you, by you) that will help you be courageous enough to stand up for who you are and what you want?

Big issues or little ones, questions like these are going to help you start relying on yourself for answers. And it’s those answers that will bring you clarity and get you moving up and outta where you’re stuck.

Because, no matter what you are worried or fussed about, it always comes back to using your deep core to get real about what makes you into the whole, loving, amazing being that you are.

No one else on this earth has that intel, just you.

We all want to be reassured. Your reassurance today is simple.

You’ve go this. So go do it.

With much love,
Dianna-Sig copy