Gettin’ Dirty With Your Deep Core

Time to get down and dirty about your deep core.

I get super excited when I think about women’s deep cores.  Your’s, mine, doesn’t much matter.  Women’s deep cores totally rule!

Mind out of the gutter please!  You know I’m not talking about your body parts here.

I’m talking about something else very personal.

Very intimate in fact.

And  it can either rock your world or fuck it up pretty fast.

Your deep core is you.  It’s what you’re made of.  It’s what you know you need in your life to be happy and content.  What’s important to you.  What works for you.


It lives deep down inside of you, and I’m pretty sure that when it chills out, it’s hanging around close to your heart.

Why is it important to figure out?  Because with it, you and I can determine when and why we are happy.  We know when our boundaries have been crossed.  We can find our way through conflict.  We can manage a smackdown or a full out emotional shit kicking in our lives.

And we can do all that and more, and walk away feeling good about ourselves.

A woman who lives from her deep core is a woman who has her shit together.   (tweet it)


So how does one live from her deep core?  How do you figure out what lives down there  in the depth of your heart and soul?  How do you pull it off?

You make it your mission in life to get to know yourself.  


Not one other person in this world, even those we love to the moon and back, know us as well as we know ourselves.  They may know what your favorite latte is and be able to guess at why you get pissed off at long line ups at the grocery store, but they can’t do inventory for you.  You’re the only one who can do that.

But before you get on it, do your prep work.

  • Make this solely about you.  Not liking your neighbour’s new hair colour isn’t going to tell you much about yourself.  You’ll learn more by looking instead for things that tell you about what matters to you, like “what’s important to me about connecting with my neighbours?”
  • Be accepting of what you learn.  Nothing that is important to you is wrong, it just is.  Even if it’s not important to other people around you, it’s ok that it matters to you.  And if it lives in you, it’s important enough to love and accept.
  • Be compassionate with yourself.  You may have touched on this kind of understanding before, or this could be quite new for you.  Either way, show yourself the love and kindness you deserve for stepping out and doing the inner work that will move you forward.  Take your time and remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it’s ok for you not to rush through this.
  • Feel your answers.  There may be some things that you understand off the top of your head, like how much sleep you need in a night to be refreshed or what behaviours (of your own making or someone else’s) leave you feeling less than good.  Great, use those.  After that, get out of your head and into your body.  When you start getting answers, feel the knot in your stomach, the warmth of your heart, and whatever is in between.  How your body feels is your guide to what actually works for you and what doesn’t.  Listen to it.
  • Take fear and Ms Gremlin out of the equation.  If you find yourself saying “I should” or “ I need to” or “I had better”, you know that there are forces working to hijack your understanding of yourself.  Or maybe you fear that doing this work means that you’re going to shake up, not just your own life but that of everyone around you and you don’t know if you’re ready.  Remember that this is just a simple exercise.  You get to decide what you do with what you learn and how you do it at every single junction you come across.  Getting truthful with yourself may be scary, and if it is, reach out for some coaching help to support you.  You are never alone in this kick-your-own-ass community of women!

Then it’s time to get comfy in a quiet space and get connected to yourself to start your inner conversation.  You’ll know how to do that, maybe yoga or meditation, or just getting calm in nature.  Whatever works is your space to be in.  First deep core lesson!

Then you get started having a conversation with yourself.  It’s not hard.  It’s a conversation that starts with just one question.

“What’s important to me?”


Leave a comment and tell me what’s you find out…