Hey diy Ass-kicker

Christmas is officially close, scarily close when you’re a last minute girl like me. 

This is the time that I start to sweat. Will I get it all done? Will I be ready? Where the hell is that list?

Any of that sound familiar? Thankfully I learned some time ago that allowing yourself to fuss over the amount of time left to be “ready” for the holidays happens to all of us. It’s safe to say that we’ve all had sleepless nights counting gifts and recipients, wine glasses and gravy boats. 

I could be all coachy and say that it always helps to prepare ahead of time for busy events but since that never worked for me during the holidays, it might not be your thing either. And if it were, we likely wouldn’t be sweating that Santa’s gonna beat you down your own chimney, now would we?

So let’s move on from all that worry shit, shall we? 

Worry is about feeling like you won’t be enough if you don’t make the Christmas grade. Remember that the holiday season is the time of the year when your emotions and self expectations are plastered on thicker than that funny tasting icing on christmas cake… (is it marzipan or something like that?) No one likes to be left open to perceived criticism for not being great at what you set out to do, especially this time of the year, even if it’s based on expectations that don’t serve you.

How about you start by accepting wherever you are right now. We are not better women, moms, wives, daughters, friends, or employees if we get all our boxes ticked off our holiday to do list. No matter how many bullshit Christmas commercials tell us otherwise. 

Head back to your own expectations of how you want your holiday to feel. Calm, peaceful and fun, like I want mine to feel like?

What’s in the way of that happening for you? Do your very best to remove the obstacles, honey. They are screwing up the possibility of having what could be your best holiday ever. Try these in for size…

Everyone has a budget, even those who you might not expect. Be calm and peaceful about your’s and have fun finding special gifts that fit for you. 

Not everyone has a tree that looks like it should be in a magazine. It’s common knowledge that my decor taste is different than most so I have a black tree with odd raw metal ornaments. That fits my bill of having fun. Accept your creative self because no matter your likes or dislikes, she rocks! And creativity opens our doors to pure self acceptance, love of our inner kid, and self compassion enough to tell social judges to move on.

Use the sounds of the season to jingle your bells! You know I’m big on music and body movement to keep our heads from exploding with shit that really doesn’t matter in the bigger scheme of our short lives. Music can change your mood on a dime, honey, so let it.

So let the sleigh bells rock and listen to my new 2017 Holiday Playlist. It’s a bit eclectic, as is my music taste, so hopefully you will connect with it it your own way. Dance to it. Sing loud to it. Laugh like a kid to it or cry if you are called to. Have fun, like me. In my kitchen. In my car. In the mall. 

Whatever your obstacles are, know them like you know your bestie. They are your’s to manage from the inside out, moving you from worthiness based on pefection to that place of peace and calm. Oh and FUN, nerver forget the fun,

Well? Feeling ready to take your joy right back from the holiday soul-suckers that lurk behind every to-do list you ever made?

Is that a yes? Sorry, you’ll have to be louder. 

I have my headset on.

P.S. I have slipped in a cut of a video that I took of my kids and grandkids getting jiggy to one of my playlist favs. Hope you like it!

Getting Jiggy with the Grandkids from Dianna Leeder on Vimeo.