Today is International Women’s Day.


It’s a day to celebrate women, their experiences and their resilience in the face of gender inequality and adversity.

To me it’s far more than that. IWD is a day where women, no matter what they have been through, can stand tall and proud of who and what they are. No gremlins or judgements of any kind are welcome. Just the ability to breathe deeply and feel peace within.

In celebration of this IWD together as a diy ass-kicking community, I want to ask you to do something for me…or rather, for you.

Take a day to celebrate you. Just this one day if that’s all you think you can muster up the courage for. I’d even be happy with a half day if that feels like enough to you.

Here is how I’d like you to celebrate.

Be accepting and forgiving. Of who you are, what you look like, your past choices and mistakes. Be ok just being you.

Be generous. Ask yourself what it is that you need today, what gift is your body and soul craving so it can recharge? And give it to yourself, even if it’s a walk around the block, a glass of wine in a bubble bath, or simply hanging out with your kids or other people who love you.

Encourage self-confidence. Avoid comparing yourself by reading magazines and tv shows that profile all women as size 2’s. Focus on the real beauty that lives in you and surround your senses with media that know that to be true.

Be generous with your love. Share all of the above with every woman in your life and then simply love them as they are today. Give them the space that you are giving yourself. The space that opens up when you feel loved and cared for.

Will you do this for yourself? For as much time today as you can? And don’t forget to tell me how it went for you.

There is no better day of the year to stand as a strong, independent, self-loving woman.

Right along side of the rest of us diy ass-kickers.

With love on this amazing day!

Dianna xo


Dianna Leeder is

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