Hey diy ass-kicker!
Congrats Sweetie! It’s your day to be celebrated for all you do as a mom! And I’m guessing you’ve done plenty.
I love Mother’s Day and the chance to express my appreciation and thanks to my own mom, and gratefully accept the same from my kids. I also love to see how my own behavior as a mom has impacted my daughters as they parent their own kids. It doesn’t have to be a big hairy deal, it just needs to bring us together in the spirit of that ever so meaningful relationship between mothers and their babies, even those who are not babies anymore.
Last weekend, I went to a live one-woman show called “Suddenly Mommy”. The writer and actor, Anne Marie Scheffler did a fantastic and hilarious job of enacting how tough motherhood truly is. It’s been awhile since my kids were little enough to cause me major sleep deprivation, but some shit you never forget!
Check out the highlights of Suddenly Mommy.
In this story, mommy has forgotten who she was before she became a mother, and who she is now. It’s not that she doesn’t love her kids and her partner, but showing up every day for her family (but never for herself) has left her void of the essence of who she really is and what she needs to be happy with her choices.
Funny how that happens to so many of us women. We lose ourselves in the lives of the people we love. It’s never done with any bad intention, but always has a lousy ending.
It’s simple really. We women love, and we love hard. Standing up in the face of that love for our kids and declaring that we need some self-lovin’ too can be excruciating painful. Somewhere deep down, we think that if we use some of that love (or time or energy) on ourselves, that there will be less for them. And that ain’t very motherly now, is it?
Yep, the emotions around motherhood are strong as fuck and can mess with our diy ass-kicking practice, big time.
It really doesn’t matter if we are hoping to have kids some day, parenting toddlers to teens, or even grand parenting. If we don’t take a piece of the pie for ourselves, we’re not doing anyone any favors.
So this Mother’s Day, take the time to re-evaluate your mommy role and ask yourself one simple question.
Am I doing enough for the mother in me to stay sane?
Meaning, to maintain the equilibrium to keep me, my relationships, and my commitments healthy and strong.
If the answer is no, then Happy Mother’s Day to you!
You now have the chance to gift yourself something that no one else in the world can give you.
And be an even better mama in the process…