Hey diy ass-kicker!
Remember the time that you really wanted to do, have, or be something so bad it would keep you awake at night?
But for whatever reason, even though it seemed perfectly logical at the time, you did nothing about it. Even though your plan was mapped out in great detail in your mind, you never took the first step toward it.
And eventually, you stopped dreaming, planning, or thinking that you could actually have whatever it is you wanted.
Has that ever happened to you? Honestly, I can see myself in my own words. And quite frankly, it feels shitty.
Why does it feel shitty? Because when we deny ourselves the gift of going after our dreams, we tell ourselves that we are not important enough to have it.
The other people in your life are more important.
The status quo is more important.
Keeping yourself small is more important.
But you are important. In fact, you are the most important person in your life. Hands down.
Here’s a little ninja trick for keeping your needs front and center. Remember that when you want something, it’s never all or nothing. You have other options.
Dig down. Yes, this requires you to do some inside work!
Ask yourself…
Why do you want it? What is so important to you about having it? What would change for the better in your life if you had it? How would you be a better person in this world with it?
You may feel like you need to say no to your dreams. But once you’ve got clarity about what exactly you want from them, those dreams just expand in a million new ways.
And some of those expanded ways just may feel okay saying 'yes' to. Then ask yourself what’s the first step to getting what you want in the way that works for you.
In a diy ass-kicking world, there is never just black or white.
Don’t stop looking until you find just the right shade of grey.