Hey diy Ass-kicker,
I have a favor to ask of you. 
And no, it has nothing to do with your vagina. Bet you were worried there for a second, huh?
I want you to start writing.
Grab yourself a journal, a spiral binder, loose leaf paper, or even just your iPhone notes app.
And I want you to write about your feelings. What you’re experiencing in this very moment. What you felt yesterday, or the day before. Take one feeling at a time and put it in print.
See, feelings are one of those parts of us that we can prefer to tuck away.
We tuck away our feelings of anger because we don’t want to be rude or make a scene. We tuck away our feelings of sadness because we don’t want to seem wimpy. We tuck away our feelings of resentment that people are asking so much of us because we don’t want to seem unkind or ungenerous. We tuck away our feelings when we are disappointed that something hasn’t turned out the way we wanted it to because we don’t want to seem like we can't handle our shit like a grown up. 
And we hide our feelings from ourselves because, let’s face it, sometimes they can hurt like a bitch and bring on a shame-storm that we would prefer not to experience.
Truth. All those feelings that we like to tuck away don’t really go anywhere. They just sit back, waiting for the next trigger that makes us feel them all over again. We're hanging on to feelings that need to be noticed, acknowledged, and felt to do us any good. (Second truth,any time I've tucked away my own feelings, I honestly think my head will explode until I start to pay attention to them! Then, big relief!)
You have feelings for a reason, it’s why the Universe slaps you with them. Even if your feelings come from a bullshit story that you tell yourself (it happens more than you think!), why not set them free? And by doing so create some more freedom for yourself?
That’s why I’m asking you to start writing. It’s private and it’s safe. You’re not challenging anyone except yourself, and you get to go as far as you want/need to at any given journal jam. Most people love and benefit from the regularity of journalling but if that’s not you (and it’s not me), just leave your notebook in eyesight and grab it when the feeling strikes!
Remember that your goal is not to follow rules about the best journalling technique, it’s about having a place to write your feelings, see them in print and start to let yourself own them. Own them, and feel them in your core. And if those feelings become more than you think you can handle, reach out for some support from a friend or a pro.
Your feelings are such a big part of you.
It’s time to get acquainted. As acquainted as you are with your own vagina.