Most of us live on autopilot. A lot.

Doing things we really don’t want to do because we think we should.

Saying things that we don’t entirely agree with just to keep the peace.

Taking our direction solely from what’s happening around us.


No thinking, no standing up for you and your needs, no determining the responses that would feel the best to you.

Here’s the thing with living on autopilot.

Somewhere, somehow, what we are not being true to, shows up.

Maybe it shows up as avoidance of certain people or functions.

Maybe it shows up as that extra glass of wine to numb out from the day.

Maybe it shows up as sleepless nights worrying over what you really should have said in that exchange that left you feeling so shitty.

It’s because your needs and wants don’t go away just because we autopilot ignore them.

Even when you think you are doing everything right and are there for everyone around you.

Even then.

Start having a conversation with yourself about your autopilot. What if your autopilot asked you a question every day.

How do I want to feel today?

Then live your day in ways that get you there.

Doing things that make you feel how you really want to feel.

Saying things that make you feel how you really want to feel.

Taking your direction from YOU and HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL.

What would that be like for you?

Gotta tell ya, it’s fucking amazing how your life changes when you drive and direct yourself how you want to feel.