Hey diy ass-kicker!
I am in recovery. Recovery from looking outside of myself for direction, validation and worth.
For many years I was eyeballs deep in looking outside of myself. It wasn’t that I didn’t know what I wanted or how to get there, it was that I didn’t see the difference between my outside and my inside and that looked a lot like this…
I was stalled when it came to decision-making. What if I made the wrong one?
I questioned my value when I was engaging with people around me. What if I wasn’t good enough to keep up with them?
I ignored the best parts of me and let them hide in darkness. What would others think if I let myself shine?
When all that stuff came together in one big shit show, I knew I had to make some changes, so I found an fantastic coach (more than one actually) and got busy.
Btw, this is not a sell job for coaching. Okay, maybe it is because I believe that everyone should be coached. It’s how we learn to connect or re-connect to ourselves.
But it’s really a sell job for changing the way you look at your life, yourself and your way of self-management that results in a happy woman. You can pick any way to get there you want.
Was my change path rough? Yes and no. It’s hard to face and be done with some of your past beliefs that hold you back sometimes. But it’s so very worth it when you can actually breathe better without them.
And I learned that the difference between looking outside and looking inside was that inside gives you all the information you need to make decisions that work for you. Even if they feel risky in the beginning, your deep core won’t steer you wrong. Looking outside means you are constantly at the mercy of everyone else’s perception of what will make you happy and even if those someones love you tons, it’s a huge disservice to them to expect them to be responsible for you. That’s your job, sweetie.
So here are some questions for you…
Do you look outside of yourself more than you look inside for your own personal direction?
How is that working for you? Be butt honest!
What are your beliefs that have told you to look outside of yourself over your precious inside?
Looking inside of ourselves at our deep core for direction, validation and worth is something that is a lifelong practice. It’s like any other practice that is life-sustaining, being aware of how you can connect with your deep core and how it might help you on your path should be part of our daily mindset. And as I’ve said before on this blog, if you fuck it up one day or three, you can ALWAYS go back and start again.
I believe so strongly about looking inside that I had it tattooed on my arm, right where I can see it every minute of the day. No coming back to it when I’m not so busy, no closing that self-help book when you’re done, and no ignoring all those blogs with messages that you get jazzed about. Just one constant reminder to look inside. And it’s not just my reminder, it’s one for everyone who gets close enough to me to read it!
Start here, start big or start small, but please just start.
Then just wait for the well of empowerment you will start to feel coming from your deep core.
The ease at owning your inner and outer beauty, the courage that will take you through tough times ahead, and the clarity about what is a yes and what is a HELL NO.
You’re gonna be amazed!