Hey diy Ass-kicker,

It’s finally here, lovely.


And whether you celebrate this day or you have another celebration that is meaningful to you, here is my wish for you.

I wish for you to know how magnificent you are.

How pure.

How full of love.

How capable you are of pulling the joy that lives inside of you and using it to paint your world just as you like it.

I wish for you to know that the holidays are just an excuse. An excuse for us to allow ourselves the freedom to be.

To just be.

  • Let yourself look at twinkling lights with wonder.
  • Let yourself admire children who head to bed full of anticipation.
  • Let yourself share all of your heart with those who don’t know their own heart power yet.
  • And let yourself feel the enormous love that this season brings with it.

Love for others and love for you. Yes, for you too.

Because deep inside, there is always room for more. So gather all that up over this time. Store it up in a box so you can return to it whenever you want or need to. Touch the joy that is there, and feel it deeply.

It’s your’s to keep.


That’s where your truth lives.

Right now, I’m sending you this holiday message because I love you.

I wish you the most peaceful and loving of holidays.