Hey diy Ass-kickers!

We all know by now that we talk with our bodies. Like when our feelings are written all over our faces, or we cross our arms across our chests or sit back from people we really don’t want to engage with.

Body messaging can even be gendered. My fav example is seeing men wave by holding up a strong hand in what looks like a stop position, or seeing women wave like crazy in a sweeping motion as though they are inviting people home for dinner. 😆

As much as we think we can mask it, our messages (whatever they are) get delivered to others loud and clear.

But there is another kind of body talk. It’s us saying we are sorry when we have trouble fitting between rows of seating in a cafe. Or getting a frowny face as we pinch our belly roll in the mirror each morning. Or use the “f” word (and I don’t mean fuck, you know I would never bother to put that in quotes) when you try on summer clothes that don’t fit the way you thought they should.

Through so many vehicles of messaging, we tell our bodies that they are shit. That they don’t measure up. That they are disliked and unloved.

I’ve given myself lots of negative body messages in my lifetime, including reminding myself for years that, as much as I tried, there was only so much I could do with makeup to look as good as I really wanted to. My poor bod!

That stopped when I began a love affair with my own body. Ok, it takes effort and at first you wanna giggle but a love affair with your own bossy means talking to her in a compassionate, loving, and even a sexy way.

Loving and compassionate talk means that instead of frowny faces, you smile when you look in the mirror. You remind yourself why you have the parts of your body that you have judged in the past as negative. I express gratitude each day for the soft skin that falls over my cesarean scar because without them, I wouldn’t have my daughters.

Loving and compassionate talk means never apologizing for your size, big, small or somewhere in the middle..to yourself or to anyone else. Our bodies only want to serve us by either supporting us or teaching us more about what they need. They don’t give a shit about what other people think about their size, and shouldn’t have to stand second in line behind outdated size 2 societal expectations of women.

And loving and compassionate talk means working from the premise that we as women are sexy beings. We want to be sexy, feel sexy, and love to be part of healthy sexual relationships with others as well as ourselves. No matter what your body is shaped like, it’s your sexual vehicle so rock every inch of that shit, baby!

What do you think?

Does your body need to be spoken to and looked at with love, compassion and affection?

Are you ready to release your body’s sexual being?

Do you need to change your body language to get there?

WTF are you waiting for?