I had another post for today but as I sat down to put it together, I heard this crazy radio story about January 21st.

January 21st is apparently Blue Monday, the most depressing or saddest day of the year. Based on a psychological formula, it’s about how we feel about the weather, our debt, our realization that Christmas is really over (so take that wreath off your door!), our low motivation, and that our new year’s resolutions have tanked.Here is my take on January 21st, if you’re interested…

It’s just another day.

True, the weather alone is enough to make one hide under the covers for a month or two just to stay warm.

And who doesn’t want that Christmas feeling to last all year? Oops…wasn’t it that Christmas feeling that helped encourage us to overspend in the first place?

And new years resolutions don’t work if you’re not ready to make them work, January 1st for most people is a false start.

Yes, all those things are challenging for sure. But take away the coldness of the weather and actual birthday of Jesus, you could be feeling all this on any given day of the year.

If you’re in a Janurary 21st state of mind, there is more.

You are a diy ass-kicker, right?

Then it’s time, dear friend. Time to be a full participant in how you want to feel and what’s getting in your way of feeling that. Here’s the short version…

Identify how you feel now and why.
How do want to feel?
What’s in the way of feeling what you want to feel?
What’s your plan of action to feel the way you want to feel?

These are pretty simple questions so don’t let them become super complicated. Start with your first quick response to each one. It’s not about “things”, it’s about feelings. For instance, you may want to feel rich but that can be accomplished by more than money.

The first three questions are there for your awareness, it’s the last one that will kick your required feelings into gear.

And it will do that because it is created by you, for you. It’s your own little formula that will work on each thing that you are feeling shitty about.

Use these questions every time you wanna up your game. It even works when you’re feeling fanfuckingtastic and you wanna feel evenmoretastic!

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all used it?

Take that, January 21st!