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Are you ready to get her back?

The woman you left behind so long ago.

The woman who knew what she wanted and went for it.

The woman who’s been yanking at your tee-shirt, anxious to see what the future holds.

The woman who’s been staring back at you in the mirror, silently hoping to be seen and patiently waiting for you to remember her.

Maybe you’ve lost a job or a spouse, endured abuse, or survived a lousy up-bringing. Or maybe you don’t know what happened, you’re just plain old stuck. What you do know is that you want more but something is holding you back.

It can all feel like an emotional SHIT kicking — and you feel lost. Drained. Mentally, emotionally, physically exhausted. Wiped. Weary. And uncertain if you’ll ever have the energy to get where you want to be. Tired of trying to figure it out on your own. Tired of treading water.

You’re sapped, shot, weakened, and run down, trying to figure out how to pull yourself OUT of this emotional mess. And you know something’s gotta give — and soon because you’re made for more. Way more.

No matter what has or is happening to you; know that I will fiercely love and respect you as a competent, capable woman.

That’s a guarantee from me to you.

But starting today, I want to help you let go of your experiences — because they DON’T define you, okay? — and help you start visualizing a future that blows your freakin’ mind.

We can work on building your confidence and moving those obstacles that stand in the way of your happiness. And we can focus on whichever area of your life you decide to work on first.

Getting coached is easy — just pick your medium and we’ll go, jammies and all, if you like. We can coach on the phone, over Skype, or by email (great for hearing impaired women) — your choice and whatever’s easiest for you.

Then be prepared to say, “Where the ‘eff have you been?” to the woman you’ve been waiting for.

She might not be anything that you’re currently used to, but I’ll bet you one thing —



Life coaching is a pinky-swear deal between you and I. Yes, we get that close.

Working on your happy is a BIG deal and I take that seriously. So seriously that part of my pinky-swear is to be as honest as I know how with you. You deserve no less. You deserve no less.

THAT INCLUDES telling you that there are no quick fixes when it comes to becoming the woman you want to be. You didn’t start feeling shitty over night, you won’t learn how to kick your own ass over night either.

IT ALSO INCLUDES working only with women who are 100% committed to improving their life, doing the inner work and taking the action that is needed to move into their greatness. You’ll be loved and challenged at the same time so be ready to rock your end!

From where I sit, 3 sessions a month keeps you on the front burner, not queuing up behind everything else you’re supposed to do as a woman, or what your inner voices tell you is do-able.

Here’s what you’ll get from our sessions:

  • understanding about where and how that holds you back
  • know your gremlins on an intimate basis (those mean girls) and how they hijack your life
  • clarity about the path that’s yelling at you to get to it

Sound like where you want to be? Here’s how we’ll get there:

  • 1 hour of pure unadulterated coaching each session
  • dedicated sessions to build your understanding of yourself
  • fierce loving
  • intuition-based feedback
  • targeted homework including DIY worksheets
  • no-messing-around accountability
  • unlimited email between sessions
  • my personal cell number for texting during my working hours



***Purchases of coaching packages or unused sessions are non-refundable but you will always have access to the sessions.**



Availability for one-offs is super limited but click here if that’s what you’re looking for.

For CML Grads

Bop in for a 1 hour life tune-up when the need arises. Maybe you’re trying to figure out a plan of action on an issue. Or maybe you’ve hit a wall in a relationship. Whatever is coming up for you, a quick shot of kick-your-own-ass will get you back on track. And as a Crave More Life grad with high honours, you’ve earned a discounted rate! Email me to set one up.


Coaching can be a bitch on the pocketbook sometimes, so I’ve made limited room for women who need sliding scale or pro-bono coaching. All else is the same, you just won’t sweat the invoice.  Email to inquire about space.

QUESTIONS? Find me at to yak it out

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