Honestly? You’re gonna get them.

I like to call them smack downs.

They suck. They make you spiral down into feeling like you don’t make the grade in any part of your life. They color your experience of everything that you do or see.

I had one a couple of weeks ago. I woke up with a nasty feeling brewing and as much as I tried, nothing I did to kick it worked.

I picked fault with my hubby every chance I got, even for things that he never really knew he was doing wrong.

I was sure that the Barista purposely hid the almond milk for my latte because I had specifically gone there to order it.

I made a family members thoughtless comments mean something about me.

And my saying for the day became “Oh, doesn’t that just figure.” With the best pissy face I own.

The good part about smack downs is that they don’t last forever. While smack downs aren’t very common for me anymore, I still had to accept that it was ok just to sit in it for a day. Just be in misery with myself, without making it someone else’s problem. Tough one when you’re a life coach and think you should know better!

Turns out I did know better.

I choose not to isolate myself so I told my hubby what was going on for me (like he hadn’t already figured that out!) and we spent the rest of the day outside of perfection and expectations.

I choose not to numb myself by sitting in front of the computer or tv with anything chocolate and allowed myself time to indulge in a warm cinnamon bun with my latte.

I choose to honour my feelings as they were, so when I felt like balling my eyes out at a particularly touching part of a great movie, I did just that.

And when I went to bed that night, early since I was exhausted from the day, I got back into my routine and listed what I was truly grateful for.

When I got up the next day, my head had cleared and I was able to start my daily practice like any other day, starting with setting my intentions for how I wanted to experience it.

Smack downs are going to happen to you too and when they do, you have the option of how you handle it. You get to decide if it you want to work it so it knocks you right the fuck out of the ring. Or if you will simply accept it for what it is and honour yourself through it.

It’s true, tomorrow is always another day.

With much Sunday love…