One thing we really suck at as women is recognizing when we need to take a break… then taking it.

Oh no, I’ve got too much to do.

I have to be there for them, its expected.

I’ll feel like a slacker or lazy.

I’m calling bullshit on all of that. Maybe you do have lots on your to-do list like the rest of us, or maybe it’s true that others are waiting for you to do what you always have done for them. But none of that means that you shouldn’t pay attention to your need for rest (no matter what that looks like) and get on it.

I’m doing just that. Maybe you noticed that my emails have been spotty lately or my Facebook presence is quieter than usual. It’s because I am clear that it is time to answer the call of my body, my heart and my mind that gears must be shifted in a different direction.

At first it was tough. And I still get a tug of “get off your ass” shouted at me by my inner bitch.

But when that happens I ask if I am serving myself and my inner (and outer) strength by staying in that energy? Can I be the person I want to be and do the work I am called to do if I’m ignoring my needs because I feel guilty? The answer is always a resounding no.

Inner bitch hear that! I choose to pay attention to what actually serves me. tweet

I know my to-do list will wait and that if others have expectations of me, I know they will understand if I change things up. And if they don’t, it’s not my concern. My concern is to take care of me, and that’s a good lesson for those around us.

Instead of beating myself up for not doing “enough”, I’m reading about chakras and portals, meditating lots, loving having my family close to me, and having wonderful conversations with those more skilled that I am in energy healing.  

And I am patiently waiting for my second grand baby to arrive in the flesh because I know clearly that my energy is very closely connected to the closeness to those I love. I feel more energized already when I think about holding those little hands and feeling the softness of her tiny brand new cheeks, then watching my two grand babies get to know each other.

The icing on the cake is that I know that whatever is at the end of my time of regeneration, it’s going to be amazing. Creative. Full of love and care for women’s souls. Big is the word that comes to mind!

So take a look girl. Where have you been ignoring your need for rest and recharge? You gotta know it’s not going away so pay close attention to what’s happening for you, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Where and how are you gonna top up your gas tank?