Is your life so good that you’re well-versed in the happy dance, or do you suffer from the “keep everybody happy” syndrome?

Hey diy Ass-kickers!

Well are you? Well-versed in the happy dance that is.

I sincerely hope you are.

I hope your life rocks your world, puts a smile on your face, and has you acknowledging what you are grateful for, every single day.

But that’s not always the case for women, sometimes we get ourselves addicted to behaviors and actions that don’t truly serve us. And by addicted I mean that we use behaviors that seem safe in the moment as our default.

It usually starts something like this. We do things out of obligation. We don’t like to make waves or piss people off. We prefer to avoid a confrontation. And sometimes we do things that we really want to do, straight from the heart, but we end up doing so much of it that there’s no room left for doing the things that we really want to do for ourselves.

That’s the “keep everybody happy” syndrome. And it’s damn near impossible to do the happy dance with any frequency when your head is always churning with how to keep the everybody happy status quo. 

Because it means you aren’t paying enough attention to yourself.

I totally get it. There are obligations and there are things that you just love to do to care for people you love. I’m happy to help when my loved ones need something. Like me, if you look into your deep core at your values you’ll probably find things like love, loyalty and family/friendship guide your choices about where you spend your time and energy.

But there is still you, my lady. Still you to keep strong, to be committed to, to love deeper than anyone, if for no other reason than to be that woman that your values want you to be. 

So I’m curious. I am certain that since you follow my blog that you do your own version of the happy dance. 

Answer me this…

When do you do your happy dance? Or if at the moment things aren’t feeling that great for you, what are some of the things that make you feel like you wanna get those happy feet moving?

Even when we know that we need to change shit up, sometimes we just can’t. In our minds, the anticipated fallout is much worse than the status quo. 

But since changing what you have in your life begins with changing who you are by changing what you think, start that process by noticing what and when is going on for you when you really wanna bust out those moves.

Then tell me what you wanna do with that by replying to this email. Better yet, send me a video of you doing your happy dance and I’ll send you one right back of me doing mine. 🙂

Because there is always a way to get from keeping everybody happy to winning 1st place on Dancing with the Stars for your personally choreographed happy dance, without giving up one for the other.

I’ve got some pretty great moves, how about you?