People frequently ask me what it was that made me turn my life around.

At one point in my past, I was couch-ridden. I had no motivation to do anything but bitch and complain. My relationships were taking a huge hit and my sense of worthiness was in the toilet. No shit. Pun intended.

How I got there is a much longer story of course, as is what opened my eyes to the need to make changes for myself. More on that later.

When I realized that I could absolutely no longer live as I had been, I reached out for help.

And that helping professional told me something that changed my life forever.

“Trust in what you want and why it’s important to you.”

At first I thought it was a bunch of woo-hoo shit but being a resposible client, I went away and sunk my teeth into the message in relation to my life.

Then BOOM.

That sucker landed in a big way. I think I cried for 5 days straight.

I knew in my soul that it was true and understood that I all I needed was to simply rely on myself. On my inner body compass. On what made me ME.

That message came from my very first coach, and brought me more clarity than anything before or after.

It’s also what compelled me to become a certified life coach. I knew that a message like that was so damn powerful that I could never keep it to myself.

I have had several coaches since then for both personal and professional growth. And sometimes I go back for a tune up to that very first coach. That’s part of why coaching is so awesome, everyone has a different gift to bring to their clients. (You should check out the in-your-face-in-a-good-way coach that I work with now!)

If something in your life isn’t feeling right and you know it’s time to make some shifts. If you are soooo tired of not feeling good but not sure what to do.

Start with that same message that changed my life.