It occurred to me that you may not know me very well.

You’ve taken the leap to jump on my list and into this community of like-minded women.  And most of you have trusted me enough to “like” my Facebook page.

Ps, have I said thank you recently?  If not, a big MUAH to you!

You know I’m a certified Life Coach.

You know that I’m a bit of a potty mouth.

You know that I love to laugh.  All true.

But there is soooo much more to me!  Keep these to yourself, they are cherished secrets!

  • I love to drive but my telling other people how they should drive makes me a lousy passenger.
  • If I laugh too hard or sneeze, I will definitely wet my pants.
  • I’ve done my share of political activism…protests and the like. Investigated a few times, but never arrested.
  • I get pissy when I get tired.  Ok, maybe that one’s not so secret.
  • I associate people with smells and music before names.  Makes for interesting elevator conversation in my condo building.
  • There are few people in this world who can make me laugh harder then my sisters.
  • My dog has often been my very best friend.
  • If my brain gets all jammed up, I just dance.
  • I’m a big fan of PDA, especially if I’m involved.  See below.
  • My favorite numbers are 7 and 11 and I find I use them to count stairs and the like.  My kid tells me that I’m ok as long as I don’t freak out when there are only 5.
  • I buy more books than I ever get around to reading.
  • Alcohol or unhealthy food consumption for me has to be balanced with periodic body cleanses.
  • I feel totally constrained by formality that is there just for the sake of formality.
  • While at times in my life I have lost my way, I have always been willing to learn about myself in order to find it again.
  • I still think of my parents and the lessons they taught me, every single day.
  • I am drawn to touching people when I talk to them (that damn PDA again) and often walk away worried if this is the time I get reported.


One last secret, this is the first vehicle I have driven in many years that I haven’t scratched, dented or written off.  I’m 18 months in.  Yay!

Hope that gives you a better idea of who I am, since we’re both part of an intimate community of women kicking our own asses and all.

Sharing = vulnerability = connection.  And we all crave connection.

So what would you not share on a first date?

Tell me, tell friends, or tell the guy having coffee at the next table at Starbucks if you like.

It actually feels pretty damn good.

And it’s your turn to be vulnerable.

Dianna xo

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