What the hell!

I swear, if I hear one more woman talk about how she has the world to take care of (read family, friends, acquaintances, etc) and therefore can’t take care of herself, I might just lose it!

Truthfully, it makes me very sad to hear how we allow ourselves to get lost in other’s expectations of us to the point where what we need and want is just not important.

That may sound very cut and dry and you might be saying “thank goodness that’s not me”, but sometimes the slipping of our needs to the back burner of next spring can hide itself very well.

So ask yourself a few things.

What are you doing now that is solely for you?

How do you recharge your own batteries?

What do you wish you had time for?

When was the last time you had “you” time penned in your calendar?

And my personal fav…

If you had no one to worry about or care for, what would you be doing?

P.S. That last question also works when you’re having trouble making a decision.

Your life is not going to be better because you’ve adopted a martyr role by putting the world ahead of yourself. And ignoring your own needs isn’t going to get you into heaven any more than anyone else.

Taking the time to learn about what you need and want out of daily life and practicing it is good, healthy, self-care and a huge expression of self-love.

And it’s that self-love that will support you to not only accept yourself and manage your stresses (yes, including those that push you into unwanted food/alcohol/money management), it will also help you show love and care to those around you that you want to love and care for.

So stop ignoring you for that point in the future when you “might” have time.

Make the time, and take the time. tweet 

If we all start getting our needs met too, not only will we feel better, we’ll teach those around us to be more self-sufficient, and we’ll model the importance of self-care to our kids, grandkids and the world around us. Hoping that the whole gender thing isn’t lost on you here!

Getting your needs met over those of others is not selfish.

It’s fucking necessary.