Hey diy ass-kicker!
If you really believed in your right to live your life on your terms, wouldn’t you be doing that?
If you really believed that you were worth putting up with some fear or some discomfort to get what you want, wouldn’t you be doing that?
If you really believed that you were capable of transforming your life into whatever you want it to look like, wouldn’t you be doing that?
It might be time to call yourself out.
Maybe it’s time to start believing.
In you. In your ability. In your worth. In your very own confidence that will carry you through.
We’ve all had shitty things happen to us that have left us with scars. And those scars can take us from feeling a little shameful sometimes to downright loathing the very person we have become.
And when you are anywhere on that scale, making healthy, sustainable changes to your life is nothing short of fucking hard. How do you believe in yourself when your head is stuck in the residue of those scars?
Bottom line, no matter where our heads are, we all need to start somewhere if we want things to change in our lives.
How about you simply start with doing your best to practice believing that you can make changes?
Don’t worry right now what those changes need to be. Just start working your believing muscles.
Create a perspective that includes you believing in yourself. Your perspective is like your current story. It doesn’t include any negative comments from your inner mean girls or anything from your past that gets an A+ for bringing you down every single time you think about it.
Your new perspective does include positive, life-affirming thoughts and feelings that strengthen your resolve that you believe in yourself. It’s compassionate, forgiving, and acknowledges all the good inside you.
Afraid you won’t be able to stay with your new perspective?
Be prepared, honey. Think ahead of time about what may trip you up and how you can get yourself back on the right track. That track that sings like the Monkies “I’m a believer”. Oh man, did I just date myself??? 🙂
When you wake up tomorrow morning, start working it. Start your day with the perspective that you can, and will, believe in yourself. Carry it through your day, and end it the same way.
Changing the shit that we tend to carry with us is not an overnight thing, nor is taking on a new perspective to believe in yourself. It takes you, your resolve, and your effort to make it happen.
It’s a practice, darlin.
One that you’ll never regret.