Hey diy Ass-kicker!

What would you be doing today if you thought you could?

We draw the line in the sand everyday, not about what we want or don't want to do, but what we think we can't do. And what we think we can't do is a story made up of a combination of our shame, our fears, how we think we will be judged by others, and our belief in ourselves.

Talk about being weighed down by one mofo of a wet blanket!

Try a little something today, would you please?

Ditch the old story. It's so yesterday.

Go with the wants.

Even if that means taking some risks or challenging some of your (or other's) behaviors. Even if that means being vulnerable about your past. Even if that means getting up close and personal with your fears to understand that no matter the outcome, you will be ok.

And it starts with swapping "I can't" with "I will", or even "I will work toward…".

There. Doesn't that feel lighter already?