Got your coffee or tea with you this morning?

I wanna talk to you about exercise. I can see the look on your face already.

This is the about the time of the year when those of us who decide that January 1st is the kick off to a brand new exercise routine start feeling a little less energetic. A little less like putting on gym clothes and braving the cold winter to get to the gym. A little more like hitting the snooze button. 

It happens to the best of us.

(That reality is why it’s a little cray cray to be thinking that January 1st is some magical date that is going to make all this exercise resolutions go so much easier. But you know that already, right?)

From where I sit, this could be the middle of June and you are still going through the same exercise shit. Starting off like a loaded pistol, then starting to be hit by a lack of motivation, giving in to that snooze button, pretending that if you walk up the stairs at work that you’re doing enough.

There is a better way, girls!

Stop calling it exercise and start calling it fun!

Remember when you were a kid and would fire out of the house and do whatever felt good? It usually meant running between houses, hop scotch or skipping on the driveway, and jumping up and down until you fell flat on your back on the front lawn. Laughing the entire time.

Remember how much fun that was? And it was fun because there were no rules to it. No expectations of having to do anything, including dropping 10 lbs. Kids are lead by what their bodies want to do, they aren’t bothered by what they “need” to do.

How about if you take some advice from your kid years and start listening to your body about movement? What would it tell you about what it’s craving for some fun?

It won’t be to sit on the couch all day or be able to bench press 200 lbs by the end of the month. And it won’t be that your life will change by pressing through doing things that you really don’t love doing.

It will be whatever feels good to you to think about and to actually do.

Sit with yourself and do a check in. What physical activity turns your crank?

I like to mix it up. My go-to movements for years have been dancing, running and pumping a bit of iron, but some days it’s just as nice to go for a long walk or a bike ride. And as I check in right now, my body is asking for some softer movement like swimming and yoga. And the fun factor means always having music plugged in to fit the mood.

So I’m on it. I have carved out time in my schedule to give back to my body. To treat it like the beautiful vessel that it is. To love it like it has loved me for my entire life.

Starting with what you really want to do, means you do what makes you happy and what feels good to you. tweet

Isn’t that what kicking your own ass is all about?